Old Scratch

As I take a break from graduate school applications and responding to emails, I want to write briefly about something near and dear to my heart: Pizza. My mom’s birthday was on Friday and, due to a number of other commitments, I was unable to drive home to Dayton to celebrate with my family.

I wanted to give my mom her present in person (and didn’t want to pay a fortune to ship it), so on Saturday afternoon, I made the one-hour drive north to my parents’ house. My family was surprised to see me and my mom was incredibly appreciative of the gift I brought with me. Though I had to leave early that evening, I was able to enjoy dinner with the fam at a new local pizza joint called Old Scratch Pizza.

I’m obsessed. The setting itself is an old garage (think: auto repair place), though I’m not sure what it used to house. The design is minimalist with picnic tables and chairs, in place of typical restaurant-style furniture, and understated décor. In all honesty, I didn’t pay much attention to pricing because my parents footed the bill (a perk of spending time at home), but I imagine that costs are not outrageous.

The pizzas themselves are probably too large for a single person to eat in one sitting, but perfect for two. Fresh ingredients and artisan craftsmanship put a unique and refreshing spin on a commonplace food item. Old Scratch definitely gives me something to look forward to in returning home for Winter Break.


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