Uprooting // Replanting

“So, what are you going to do for yourself?” I ask that question often. It’s part of my response to loved ones who’ve gone through something difficult or are currently stuck in a rough patch. However, today during a discussion about transitions and changes, I found myself on the receiving end of that question: What am I going to do for myself?

I’ve shared some info on self-care in the past, but this isn’t necessarily a self-care post; it’s more of a self-renewal post. What am I going to do to make the most of what I have right now? More specifically, how am I going to take ownership of the next couple of months as I transition out of undergrad and into graduate school?

I don’t have a clear-cut plan, but I’m someone who likes rituals, ceremonies, and tradition. It’s how I find closure.

I have in mind a small list of things I hope to do before graduation: catch up with old friends, eat at my favorite restaurants, revisit places where I made good memories. I also want to take a last walk around campus and one final drive to and from the boathouse where some of my first college experiences took place. I’ll take detailed mental pictures of the route.

But then there are the new things: the experiences I will intentionally create without ties to the old things left behind or the new things to come. I anticipate that these experiences will come in the form of short trips to Cincinnati and Columbus, day hikes in nearby forests, and visits to my future home of Indianapolis so I can get to know the city and make some of my own memories there before graduate school takes over. I’m fortunate to be in close proximity to all of these places.

The foundation of my Miami experience was unfortunately shaped by some things that occurred before I even started attending the school, which made the adjustment even tougher than it should’ve been and tarnished many of the things I might have otherwise enjoyed. I’m determined to dig up my roots  and replant them so that they may deepen and spread, unobstructed by the things they’ve already started to wrap themselves around. It’s not too late to start again.

Even though much of my past hasn’t been entirely my own, the future holds incredible possibility and I’m excited and optimistic at the prospect of shaping it with my own hands.


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